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Future Trails is the structural (legal, corporate) entities that manage controversial alternative investment instruments. Future Trails opportunities are originated through relationships which our talented investment team has built up with other professionals throughout North America, Europe and Asia. We have a professional financial team and also financial advisers for investing money. Future Trails diversifies funds in most profitable sectors of industry such as private equity, commercial property, hedge funds, Real state, Forex and in search of enhanced returns and reducing risk of investment. By some risk management methods we assure that your investment is safe with us with minimum risk. So diversification helps to reduce investment risks because in case of weakness in one sector the other sectors still guarantee the good profit. Diversification helps to reduce investment risks. By owning stocks of multiple companies, the fund’s shared value is not devastated if an individual stock performs poorly.

As a Future Trails member and investor, you will be a part of community with shared business interests. They bring the benefits of technology to investors. Future Trails demonstrates its commitments to investors through the firm’s emphasis on excellence, integrity and ethical behavior. They’re investor relationships are among their greatest competitive assets.

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Payment Processors:

Monitoring Since: November 20, 2010

Payment Status: Not Paying

Minimum & Maximum Investment Limit: $10.00  -  no (max) limit

Principal Term Periods: 6 business days

Interest & Earnings on Weekends: No

Average Profit: 18.5% – 22.0% daily (principle included in daily return)

Compounding (Offered): No

(ROI) Legit HYIP Online Investment Team – In Profit: Yes

Referral Commissions: 5.00% – 7.00% per each deposit

Withdrawal processing time: Within 6 hours

Customer Support:

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Payment Proofs & Payment History

At Legit HYIP we request payments regularly every 2 – 3 days for each individual HYIP we invest in and list on our site. We do this to make sure that all the HYIPs we promote are steadily paying and paying on time. All dates below are dates we were paid on and the ones in bold are Payment Proofs, just click them and see. Payments will at times be a combination of interest earned and referral commissions.

Payment History

Nov 23′ 2010 Nov 28′ 2010 Dec 1′ 2010 Dec 3′ 2010
Dec 9′ 2010 Dec 14′ 2010 Dec 20′ 2010 Dec 29′ 2010
Jan 2′ 2011 Jan 6′ 2011 Jan 8′ 2011 Jan 9′ 2011
Jan 11′ 2011 Jan 14′ 2011 Jan 17′ 2011 Jan 19′ 2011
Jan 20′ 2011 Jan 22′ 2011 Jan 23′ 2011 Jan 26′ 2011
Feb 1′ 2011 Feb 7′ 2011 Feb 13′ 2011 Feb 19′ 2011
Feb 26′ 2011 Mar 1′ 2011 Mar 6′ 2011 Mar 12′ 2011

Future Trails Ratings

Cast your Vote today; help your fellow online investors by informing them of your success, problems, and losses with Future Trails. By rating this program you help us keep the online investment world safe and lucrative for everyone.

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