Expert Portfolio Weekly Newsletter 3-8-12

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Expert Portfolio Weekly Newsletter 3-8-12

Good day, dear friends, members, investors!

As usually on Thursdays, the ExpertPortfolio PR department is happy to present you with the official weekly newsletter. This initiative has been equal to hitting the bull’s eye. We are receiving numerous thankful reports from our clients, and we are happy about that.

Weekly Progress

We are happy to announce the current week has been marked with the stable growth of the community membership, just as it happened one week ago. This

tendency is obviously a good sign for the project stability and future. The important factor that contributed to this success has been definitely the initiation of regular

weekly newsletter release, along with the active cooperation with our investors, done by the PR Department of the project. For the management of the project, constant growth is a good sign of proper strategies applied. The way we work, the way we move speaks for itself. ExpertPortfolio is gaining power and we are happy to acknowledge that.

Relationships with parent company

The management of the company Premiere Consulting Limited was initially concentrated upon the main objective that is still the priority direction for the company, marketing research and consulting services. Later on, the consulting services that have been provided to entrepreneurs online have been heavily concentrated around one niche, and that is investing online. Far more and more individuals were getting interested in where to earn online and how to earn online. The specialists of Premiere Consulting Limited went online, in search of the information that would become valuable for the seekers of moneymaking online. The market search trends analyses were considered to be the most effective way for getting this information. Our clients could feel all the benefits from getting the required valuable information from us, Premiere Consulting Limited started to make deals with the clients and work for them, giving them whatever information we could get from online. The analytical department of the company Premiere Consulting Limited has completed several researches, and they were presented to our clients at the beginning of the year 2011. Further on the analytical department has been investigating the possibility of creating the online platform, the virtual representation of the Premiere Consulting Limited company, the website, which was supposed to be purely dealing with investing online, using the powerful basis and information obtained by the analysts of the parent company, while providing the market research and consulting services.

Closer by the end of summer 2011, the website of ExpertPortfolio project was launched. The Premiere Consulting Limited apart from the consulting and market research services has entered the investment market, within the bounds of the newly created project ExpertPortfolio. Followed by thorough analysis and market research, the decision was taken to register 3 unit funds with further possibility to sell and buy units to private investors, thus, getting involved in money management business. So the investment portfolios were called The Wallet, The Case and The Baggage. Each of these portfolios is managed as a unit fund. The funds managed within the portfolios are widely diversified. Moreover, the parent company of the project is constantly monitoring the earning potential of the funds, and, if necessary, is updating the funds structure, in accordance with the market latest investment trends in order to secure the income declared for each and every investment portfolio. Basically the relationship of the parent company and the ExpertPortfolio investment project are informal to a certain degree. It’s clear no funds are transferred to unit funds immediately to buy some gold or commodities or perhaps to get the stocks, however – the thing important is that thanks to these informal relationships between the ExpertPortfolio project and the parent

company as well as thanks to the enormous asset volumes earned previously we are able to offer such a decent interest for the members of our investment portfolios. One more feature is worth noticing, the website of ExpertPortfolio project is totally owned by the parent company Premiere Consulting Limited. All financial obligations and reliabilities are taken by the authorities of the Premiere Consulting Limited company. In time, the ExpertPortfolio project was growing and getting far more and more popular. Initially the project was using the human and technical resources of the parent company. However, later on, as the popularity of the project was growing on and on, there appeared a need in making an independent staff, exclusively managed by the admin of the project, who in his turn is reports to the CEO of Premiere Consulting Limited. The ExpertPortfolio project has transformed into a unique, autonomous unity, which is absolutely financially capable and is for now considered to be one of the most promising projects initiated by the Premiere Consulting Limited. The staff of ExpertPortfolio in its turn hopes to make the project as one of the most valuable and powerful for the company.

Our mission is to take leadership in high yield industry, to drive out all short-term and short-cut projects and to take the assets out of the unreliable hands of beggar students from third world countries.

And we’ll do that!

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