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12 Daily Review & Overview

In 12 Daily you have the opportunity to invest in the most precious metal, we are a company specializing in the exploitation and marketing of gold. Gold has become in recent years one of the most desirable investments because of the huge profits to be gained in short time, invest from the comfort of your home with just one click and we do the rest.

We have specialized personnel to provide the best service and make your stay with us be of your total satisfaction. Let us be in your investment portfolio and create a good relationship as partners.

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Payment Processors:

Monitoring Since: January 26, 2011

Current Payment Status: Not Paying

Minimum & Maximum Investment Limit: $1.00  -  no (max) limit

Principal Investment Term Periods: 12 & 30 days

Interest & Earnings on Weekends: Yes

Average Profit: 12% daily, 160% after 12 days, & 300% after 30 days

Compounding (Offered): No

(ROI) Legit HYIP Online Investment Team – In Profit: Not Yet

Referral Commissions: 2.00% per deposit

Withdrawal processing time: ?

Customer Support:

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Payment Proofs & Payment History

At Legit HYIP we request payments regularly every 2 – 3 days for each individual HYIP we invest in and list on our site. We do this to make sure that all the HYIPs we promote are steadily paying and paying on time. All dates below are dates we were paid on and the ones in bold are Payment Proofs, just click them and see. Payments will at times be a combination of interest earn and referral commissions.

Payment History

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12 Daily Ratings

Cast your Vote today; help your fellow online investors by informing them of your success, problems, and losses with 12 Daily. By rating this program you help us keep the online investment world safe and lucrative for everyone.

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